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Prepared Pre-Schoolers: 3-5 Years Old

Learning and development really take off in this next stage in life with children preparing themselves for school. Angel's education curriculum is designed to equip your child for the future; for transitional development and moving successfully into school life. This age group is always on the go, with specially planned programs running daily, including ongoing projects, science experiences, literacy experiences and maths activities.

During your child's time at Angels, they will have experienced the foundations for learning. We provide a foundation for children to build the skills to become confident and ready for school: such skills include writing, reading from left to right, understanding literacy, numeracy concepts and learning how to be socially confident in a school environment. Our centres implement the Readiness for School program using the Bucket Theory - an awesome concept developed by New Zealand's very own Robyn Cox. This programme is specifically designed for Kiwi kids and supports the New Zealand curriculum. (for more information on this program, CLICK HERE). Educators make programs fun by incorporating fun games, puzzles and experiments. Children are encouraged to include their families in their learning experiences: we provide children and their families "homework" which can involve art activities, worksheets and readers.

There is always a variety of activities and experiences available during the day, whether it is dramatic play, block and manipulative play, sand or water activities, art and craft or music and movement - there is something for everyone. Your child will be busy, happy and extending their learning and development!

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