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Beautiful Babies: 0-2 Years Old

When the need arises to put your little treasure into our care, you can be assured you are entrusting them into good hands. Our staff are hand- picked for their gentleness, genuine passion for this tender age group, experience and qualification, so a calm, patient safe environment is maintained at all times. Where cuddles for all children are free and available. We provide beautiful natural wood cots and quiet sleep rooms seperate from play rooms for uninterrupted sleep.

Our indoor and outdoor environment is spacious, very clean and well provided for, allowing a wonderful opportunity to grow and explore. Nutritious meals are provided: from pureed vegetables and fruit for the young, progressing to fresh fruit, mashed vegetables muffins, waffles etc and full main meals and milk puddings. All are cooked on site by our friendly quality cook.

When babies start, we ask for your routines from home, which are followed and parents are kept well informed with a detailed description of the day to take home. Teachers are alway pleased to talk to you regarding your child's needs and progress.

All babies are encouraged to reach their next milestone, with lots of stimulating activities from tummy-time for the babies to stories, puppets, song, dance, actions, inside gym time, outside sandpits, slides and space to run and crawl. Toddlers start to listen in a group mat time and learn to share.

When it is warm and suitable, good use is made of the beautiful outdoor area specifically designed for the under-2's.

As they approach 2, usually 2-3 weeks before their 2nd birthday, your child will spend small amounts of time in the 2-3 room to get familiar with it. By the time they are 2 they are familiar and ready for the next adventure.

Parent Testimonial

My son Beauden has come along on his development in so many areas, so much! His motor functions, listening and comprehension skills, speech and personality are truly in full bloom! From week to week, he is surprising me with new words and/or abilities!

As a father, I couldn't be more proud of Beauden and how far he has come. Reports about his behaviour and social skills are super pleasing! I'm also grateful for teachers allowing him to develop and figure things out for himself, while making him feel happy and welcome. I look forward to our next report!

    Richie TeNana - Beauden's Dad

(This feedback relates to monthly reports for children under two, here at Angels. Parents are encouraged to collaborate and be included in their child's learning and development journey through contributing ideas & feedback on a monthly basis).

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