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Angels New Lynn


New Lynn is a beautifully designed centre with plenty of space for children to explore the natural outdoors. The playgrounds are equipped with high quality climbing equipment and are shaded to allow for all day exploration outside. Children love their outdoor environment and are encouraged to grow vegetables and fruit trees in our garden. This is a wonderful way for children to appreciate their surroundings and environment.

The classrooms are specifically designed to suit different age groups and are equipped with heating and cooling systems to suit the climate. Children are provided with an array of resources and equipment to challenge and stimulate their little minds. Teachers are qualified and very experienced and provide a high quality learning programme for all ages. Staff retention is high and teachers are consistently given extra training and education to keep up with current learning theory for children.

Angels Childcare, New Lynn also has a full time on-site chef who provides nutritious and delicious meals to satisfy all little taste buds. Children are provided with hot meals at lunch time and fresh baking in the mornings and afternoons, not to mention fresh and dried fruit.

Families and Whanau are an integral part of our programme and Angels New Lynn celebrate parent and Whanau involvement through Hui Meetings, Family Fun Days, Parent Breakfasts and Parent evenings.

Our opening hours are 7am-6pm. Contact us today to arrange a visit of our centre - we'd be happy to show you around!

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Kristina Sundar - Centre Manager
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