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Terrific Toddlers: 2-3 Years Old


These are the terrific years. Your child will embark on an adventure of learning, trying to master everything from self help skills in the toileting and dressing area, to being an independent individual, with blossoming, sharing, caring and listening skills  that are all developed by our wonderful teachers with unrelenting patience and skill.

Along with these skills, come the ability to take in so much more, with our semi-structured programme giving many fun opportunities for focused learning such as a love for books, learning Early Phonics, pre-writing skills and Maths concepts; the enjoyment fo art and construction, an ever increasing ability to communicate with peers and adults, an interest in problem solving and a delight in outdoor play - gaining better control of those arms and legs. There is also plenty of time just to play or take it easy and relax.

All children, after lunch are given a little bed and a chance to lie down and rest, and most will sleep. Meal times are ordered but relaxed, with children waiting for each other, where good eating habits and manners are encouraged.

Parent Testimonial

Ella has been attending Angels Takapuna since she was 10 months old. She is now 2 1/2 years old and loves coming! She even claps her hands in excitement when we pull into the car park.

I can't thank her teachers enough, they have cared for Ella so well and given her so much love and attention. They have all become an extension of our family and I know she is really well cared for when I am at work. Thank you to all the teachers and management, just keep on being the amazing people that you are. 

Kirsten Hartley

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