At Angel’s we recognise that parents know their child better than anyone else.

With your involvement, your child’s success is our success.  We want YOU to be involved in each step of the way.  You are welcome to visit any time, join with us in our daily activities, look over the Room Program Plan on the classroom wall and talk with our educators about your child’s development and learning program.

We involve you through:

Parent Evenings/Breakfasts: These provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, view their portfolio and project journal and meet other parents and families.  You will also be asked to fill in a questionnaire at various stages of your child’s development while with us.

My Story & More of My Story: This is an opportunity for you to update us concerning your child’s developing and changing interests and experiences.  It also assists in deepening and maintaining our understanding of your child.

Portfolio: You are welcome to view, discuss and contribute to your child’s Portfolio at any time.  We highly value your input and acknowledge that you know your child best.

Newsletter/Notice Boards: These communicate to you the current learning focus and happenings for your child’s room.  Included are suggestions for families to extend the program at home.

Daily Journal/Tattlers: These touch on what your child has done at Angel’s and highlight their special learning focus.  Brief prompts provide you and your child with a bases for discussion, enabling your child to communicate meaningfully about activities, experiences, and friendships while at Angel’s Childcare Centre.

Keeping In Touch: This is another way of sharing with an communicating to your child’s teacher about home time events, chats, shared discussions on projects, learning and other varied interests.  These will be available in your child’s classroom.  We encourage you to fill in a ‘Keeping In Touch’ form every six weeks and return it to your child’s teacher.