Age Groups

Age Groups


Beautiful Babies: 0-2 years

When the need arises to put your little treasure into our care then you can be sure you are putting them into good hands.

Our staff are hand picked for their gentleness, genuine passion for this tender age group, experience and qualification, so a calm, patient safe environment is maintained at all time.  Where cuddles for all children are free and available. We provide beautiful natural wood cots and quiet sleep rooms separate from play rooms for uninterrupted sleep.

Our indoor and outdoor environment is spacious, very clean and well provided for allowing wonderful opportunity to grow and explore.Nutritious meals are provided.  From pureed vegetables and fruit for the young, progressing to fresh fruit, mashed vegetables muffins, waffles etc and full main meals and milk puddings. All are cooked on site by our friendly quality Cook.

When babies start we ask for your routines from home which are followed and parents are kept well informed with a detailed description of the day to take home.  Teachers are always pleased to talk to you regarding your child’s needs and progress.

All babies are encouraged to reach their next milestone, with lots of stimulating activities from tummy-time for the babies to stories, puppets, song, dance, actions, inside gym time, outside sandpits, slides and space to run and crawl.  Toddlers start to listen in a group mat time and learn to share.

When it is warm and suitable good use is made of the beautiful  outdoor area specially designed for the under 2s.
As they approach 2 usually 2-3 weeks before their 2nd birthday your child will spend small amounts of time in the 2-3 room to get familiar with it. By the time they are 2 they are familiar and ready for the next adventure.



Terrific Toddlers: 2-3 years

These are the terrific years. Your child will embark on an adventure of learning, trying to master everything from self help skills in the toileting and dressing area, to being an independent individual, with  blossoming sharing, caring and listening skills that are all developed by our wonderful teachers with unrelenting patience and skill.

Along with these skills come the ability to take in so much more, with our semi structured programme giving many fun opportunities for focused learning such as a love for books, learning  Early Phonics, pre-writing skills and Maths concepts; the enjoyment of art and construction, an ever increasing  ability to communicate with peers and adults, an interest in problem solving and a delight in outdoor play – gaining better control of those arms and legs.  There is also plenty of time just to play or take it easy and relax.

All children, after lunch, are given a little bed and a chance to lie down and rest, and most will sleep. Meal times are ordered but relaxed, with children waiting for each other, where good eating habits and manners are encouraged.



Confident Preschoolers: 3-5 Years

Learning and development really take off in this next stage in life with children preparing themselves for school.  Angel’s education curriculum is designed to equip your child for the future; for transitional development and moving successfully into school life.  This age group is always on the go, with specially planned programs running daily; including ongoing projects, science experiences, literacy experiences and maths activities.

When a child is ready to move to the next step they join School Excel, this program is a mixture of Phonics and Numeracy.  During phonics, educators use flash cards to help children learn the sounds of the letters, when children are confident in recognising each sound it is then extended to include handwriting.  Numeracy helps children with number recognition, counting, shape recognition, algebra, geometry, and measurement.  Educators make both programs fun by incorporating fun games, puzzles and experiments.  Children are encouraged to include their families in their learning experiences, we provide children and their families with ‘homework’ this can involve art activities, worksheets and readers.

There is always a variety of activities and experiences available during the day, whether it is dramatic play, block and manipulative play, sand or water activities, art and craft or music and movement – there is something for everyone!!! Your child will be busy, happy and extending their learning and development!!


Angels Childcare New Lynn

New Lynn is a beautifully designed centre with plenty of space for children to explore the natural outdoors. The playgrounds are equipped with high quality climbing equipment and are shaded to allow for all day exploration outside. Children love their outdoor environment and are encouraged to grow vegetables and fruit trees in our garden. This is a wonderful way for children to appreciate their surroundings and environment.

The classrooms are specifically designed to suit different age groups and are equipped with heating and cooling systems to suit the climate. Children are provided with an array of resources and equipment to challenge and stimulate their little minds. Teachers are qualified and very experienced and provide a high quality learning programme for all ages. Staff retention is high and teachers are consistently given extra training and education to keep up with current learning theory for children.

What’s more is that Angels Childcare, New Lynn has a full time on-site chef who provides nutritious and delicious meals to satisfy any little taste buds. Children are provided with hot meals at lunch time and fresh baking in the mornings and afternoons, not to mention fresh and dried fruit.

Families and Whanau are an integral part of our programme and Angels New Lynn celebrate parent and Whanau involvement through Hui Meetings, Family Fun Days, Parent Breakfasts and Parent evenings.


Free Kindy (3-5 year olds)

Our Free Kindy is a service that we provide for our local community. This service offers 3 Free Kindy sessions for those parents who are either studying, seeking employment and simply cannot afford full time daycare. This service also provides children with nutritous meals and an exceptional readiness for school programme.

We have had a huge employment success rate for families seeking employment and tertiary education because parents do not have to worry about the cost of childcare and applying for a WINZ subsidy. While parents leave their treasures in our hands, they have the opportunity to attend study or seek work.

We support our community and encourage families and Whanau to be valued members of the community. We work closely with the local Primary School and our children are familiar faces to the school. Staff are committed to providing plenty of opportunities for children to have school visits during the school term.


Angels Takapuna – Linking Home to Angels

Good childcare flourishes by design with teamwork between the parents/whanau and staff and it is this that will essentially benefit  your child sensitively and appropriately throughout their developing years.

At Angels we have worked extremely hard to maintain consistent routines and experiences for children across home and childcare.

This is particularly important for these two reasons – elements of familiarity can relieve children’s anxiety about separating from their family, particularly while they are settling into care and continuity helps children to predict what is going to happen next and encourages them to feel as though they have a sense of control over what is occurring in their environment.

This empowers children and supports their developing independence.



Angels Takapuna – Pictures and Words

The development of writing in early childhood is a combination of both mental and physical progression. Mentally, a child is developing their skills of concentration, memory and language. Physically, they are developing the fine motor skills necessary to use the muscles in their fingers and hands for writing and drawing. Early childhood writing skills are best developed when a parent or caregiver provides opportunities for practice, such as providing materials for making cards or writing notes.

Around four to five years of age, a child’s version of writing will include both pictures and words. They reach an important intellectual ability that includes holding an image in their brain long enough to transfer it to a piece of paper. They will make creations and be able to label them, and may even plan writing or drawings ahead of time. Their writing skills at Angels will continue to be fine tuned as they progress towards transitioning on to school.